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Jogging holiday
The joy of running!

As a hiker or Nordic walker, you enjoy nature at a rather leisurely pace, step by step. Many of our guests are active runners, who – just like back home – like to keep up their weekly jogging routine. Other guests wish to do improve their fitness level during their holiday and put jogging on their to-do-list. A very good decision! Here with us in Rodengo, the conditions for a jogging holiday are particularly advantageous. While running surrounded by majestic peaks, you can feel every muscle in your body, improve your endurance and experience a landscape whose natural energy will virtually give you tailwind.

Jogging holiday The joy of running!

A variety of running trails around Rodengo

Many hiking paths are also open to runners. You may choose how high you wish to go, and how far. The Alpe di Rodengo is always a good choice. There, a runner may find all imaginable levels of difficulty. Who knows: Maybe you simply adore conquering the peaks running. On our alpine plateau with its unique panoramic views, you can live your dreams. During your jogging holiday, you may discover remote valleys and quiet forest trails, run along rushing mountain streams and over the flowering meadows of the mountain pastures. Elsewhere, only very rarely you will experience so much variety in one single run.

Push your limits

Here, you may perfectly combine your jogging holiday with other sports. Seasoned runners also like to ride a mountain bike or conquer a climbing path. Anyhow, as a mountaineer, you will keep fit with running. Here, you can do both: One day, enjoy rock climbing, and another day take a long run on our pastures. Quench your thirst in one of the many alpine huts and admire beauty of the Dolomites – and then continue, as far as your feet will carry you.